Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3D filming

Avatar has changed the way sci-fi films are created. James Cameroon posponed the making of Avatar due to the lack of technology available to create what he had planned. For years himself and his colleague's development a new 3D camera.

The picture above is that camera. It was based around how the human eyes work. Originally 3D pictures where filmed using two camera's placed at an angle to one another and then the two images where imposed over one another. However the outcome was often crude and didn't really draw the viewer in.

James Cameron changed 3D filming by developing a camera that had the two lenses positioned next to one another, like a pair of eyes. The lenses where positioned with one slightly infront of the other and the images where transmitted from the camera to a super-computer that would then render the images, giving a 3D film.

The development of this technology now means that tv shows, sports events, concerts etc. can now be broadcast in 3D around the world and viewed at 3D cinema screens and soon t.v's in your own room.

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