Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soundcloud: a new way to share music is a website dedicated for Artists, Producers, Promoters, DJ's and Labels to receive, send and distribute music in an easy and legal way.

Signing up is free and very easy. Once a member you can upload your tracks to your personal page and make settings on how the world can hear your music. You can make it available for download or not, allow other members to make time lined comments on your music, upload a track image, write a description and add a genre.

Here is a picture of my page...

I get statistic info about how many people look at my page and how many times my music has been played. There is also a cool looking player that has the waveform of the music your listening to and others can make a comment right at the moment of the song they are commenting on.

I also get updated on new music from other artists I like and when I upload something new people will get a news feed style look at my latest work.

There is also a widget player that you can embed in your own personal site or on other blogs...

When uploading your new work you can chose how you would like to license it. You can reserve all rights or you can place it in creative commons and chose what others can do with your work.

This is a great way to share music with others privately by making new work only accessible to certain users. Since it is just a steaming player people never actually download the material to hear it making it legal and safe from normal piracy.

So go sign up at

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